Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SEDC shenanigans get even worse

It looks like the SEDC was determined to give this development to PDP. Why?

Here's a story from Voice of San Diego:

"In March, SEDC's board of directors agreed to break ties with PDP and put the project back out to bid.

"Pacific Development Partners again won the bidding process. The decision to stick with the same developers passed through SEDC's board last week, with board members voting 4-3 to approve the staff's decision to award the project to PDP. (Artie M. "Chip" Owen, the board's chairman, had to recuse himself from the vote because of ongoing financial ties to the developer.)

"An SEDC staff memo about the decision to again choose PDP stated that the proposed purchase price for the land is $562,235, a drop of nearly $1 million from the previous plan..."

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